Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Violetta Lipstick is LOVE!

So I guess Violetta l/s is a pro MAC color? I'm guessing... Well, I'm soo happy I purchased it when it was on sale on the MAC website. I wonder If you call MAC pro, will you have to pay for shipping or can you use the codes?

Anyways this color is a gorgeous purple/fuchsia and so is Up The Amp! I'm in love with purple lippies!!!!
I just did a huge haul, I'll be posting in a couple hours!

Please excuse my fillings, their pretty obvious but you see, this is the only good picture I took wearing violetta. I did Jennifer's eye makeup, it's the only time she's ever liked something I did on her. She's very picky! I tried to contour her face, but she got mad because she wanted me to make her look pale, not bronze-y and prettyy. GRRR!

Aloha, Adelinky

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