Saturday, October 17, 2009

Purple FOTD

What a weekend, it was filled with a lot of nothing and makeup! I worked all week, those stinky kids, I have discovered that I have absolutely no patience for anything. Don't make me wait for a large soda at McDonald's or I'll flip the hell out! Like I did..

Chanel Vitalumiere in tawny beige
MAC ccb in hush (cheek bones)

coastal scents gel liner in grape vine? (base)
Barry M dazzle dust in #32 (lid)
MAC pigment in push the edge (crease)
Face Front Cosmetics MIN pigment in weekend warrior (crease)
MAC zoom lash mascara
Jordana black e/l

Chanel gloss in #116 (purple w/ pink, purple glitter)

With nothing to do late at night, my many faces...

hello tooth filling

Aloha, Adelinky

* I am currently in LOVE with Coldplay. Chris Martins voice is so sexy to me, not the face!


  1. hey adelinky!
    i wanted to pick up the other Duo (with a purple n a greyish color one), i thought it would be a bright purple like the promo pic shows. But when i saw the product pic n some swatch pics, i skipped it. it seems kinda reddish purple!? seriously, i was pretty bummed out about tht. :\
    oh girl, u've got HELL LOT OF STUFF. LOL. i'm curious how the NARS soft e/s pencils! r they work as a base instead of eyeshadow actually?

    and I'm debating on stila smudge pot for my 2nd purchase. OH MAN, but as long as i have the $$$$!

    and hey !! i like ur purple fotd! u rock the purple eyeshadow!

    O-M-G. just realized u r from hawaii! I LOVE HAWAII <3!!! i wish i could spent my whole summer in Waikiki beach with HOT GUYS! hahaha.

  2. hey girl,
    actually i have the stila little black dress (love!), i'm hunting for 24K smudge pot, but i can't find it at!

    and yea. the beach area is totally filled with hot guys! hahaha. i remember last time i went to waikiki. almost every hot guy in that area was topless! o-m-g! haha